Exploring is always looking for new schools to partner with and grow the program! One of the main ways of collecting information from students is through the career interest survey. In this council we survey through the early Spring months ( January-March) so we are able to have the results before going into open houses. Each school is able to choose the way they would like their students to be surveyed between online and scan-tron form at no cost to them. We will distribute the surveys to the schools and send back the results once they are processed!

The Career Interest Survey provides the best method for collecting market research for Exploring. By utilizing the survey in each middle and high school in each area, your local Exploring program will have:

  • Data that will indicate the top career choices of youth.
  • Names and addresses of students who could be invited to a Post/Club open house.
  • The ability to demonstrate to prospective Post/Club participating organizations just how many middle and high school students could join their Post/Club.
  • Information to share with participating schools.

Please contact Kayla Drieth for more information on how to sign up to have your school surveyed through the contact us page!